About us

Regional In-Service Teacher Training Centre Metis in Katowice is a public institution created for improving teachers' skills and abilities. It acts by virtue of educational and local government legal acts on the whole area of the Silesian Province.

Our mission is to prepare the educational circles to achieve the goals and tasks which are assigned in a modern school. Modern teachers should be able to prepare students to life in a changing reality and in an information society by teaching the abilities of self-studying, cooperation in a group, successful communication and skills to cope in a changing reality which exerts an influence on personalities as well as the process of creation of a new society.

The general aim of our institution is the perfection of psycho-educational and psycho-social skills. In order to achieve this we organize international, national and provincial conferences, seminars, courses and other kinds of in-service training and counselling. We also prepare educational programmes and didactic materials.

The training staff of the Centre includes a group of highly qualified specialists in the field of psychology, pedagogy, speech therapy, andragogy, job counselling and innovative teaching methods. Our staff's knowledge and skills are continuously improved which gives a guarantee of high quality of the services we offer.

ROM-E Metis realizes tasks within:

Our training offer is directed mostly at staff and teachers of all school types, nursery schools, Psychological-Pedagogy Advisory Centres, welfare and education institutions and other education institutions. The offer is built on in-depth analysis and diagnosis of educational needs of our clients and includes the latest theoretical and practical trends in psychology, pedagogy and other sciences' disciplines. Our proposal includes a wide range of in-service training courses. We teach how to construct diagnostic, therapeutic, educational, didactic and preventive programmes.

We offer different forms of in-service training:

qualification courses, conferences, seminars, workshops-training groups, consultations.

Our training offer is directed at a wide circle of recipients: